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Health and Safety Audits

Company and Site-Specific Health & Safety Program Development

OSHA requires written programs for many health and safety hazards. In some cases, written programs are not required but aid in program management and consistency. Our staff of industrial hygienists and safety professionals develop and can assist with implementation of site-specific, functional programs for topics such as hazard communication, respiratory protection, industrial hygiene monitoring, hearing conservation, confined space entry, lockout/tagout, thermal stress management, and others. View a listing of OSHA programs that have training requirements.

Health and Safety Audits

Our industrial hygiene and safety professionals provide facility audits to assess compliance with OSHA and employer standards.

Written programs, work practices, record keeping, employee behavior and work environments are evaluated to assess program status. Hazard assessments are provided as an aid to identify and rank risks to aid in so resource allocation proportional to the hazard. Assessments vary in depth and scope, depending on customer needs.

OSHA Simulated Inspections

Workplace Hygiene performs general simulated OSHA inspections or can target a specific area. Safety procedures are compared to applicable OSHA regulations; a walkthrough of the facility is performed to determine physical violations, and employees are interviewed. A wrap-up meeting is conducted with senior management, and a report with major findings is issued.